Help me get somewhere…

I hope you have all been enjoying the recipes I’ve been posting.  For those of you who followed my old blog, some of these will be repeats until I get all the old ones re-posted here.  Bear with me, and I hope to be adding new ones in frequently to keep you entertained.  🙂

Here’s what you can do to help make my blog a success:

  • Most importantly — try the recipes!  Then…
  • Comment on the blog posts — it lets others know you were here and gives the place a “lived in” look, as opposed to a place no one ever goes because the recipes stink.  😉
  • Subscribe to the blog — this way you will receive an email every time I post something new
  • Click on the links at the bottom of the page to other cooking blogs I’ve checked out and enjoyed.  The more visitors they get from MY blog (and yes, most blogging sites can track which link sent you there (but not who YOU are, so don’t get paranoid on me!)), the more likely they are to post a link to my blog on THEIR blog, which equals more traffic for me, which equals a very, very happy MommyEfvie.  🙂
  • Share my URL and my recipes with your friends.

I’d like to make something bigger out of this blog than I was able to with the last one.  I love sharing recipes with my family and friends, but I also want to reach a wider audience, and if you all could do one or two (or all) of the things I listed above, it will go a long way towards increasing my traffic, which is the name of the game in blogging.  🙂

With your help, I think we can have a pretty good thing going here.  Anyway, keep checking out the recipes, and Happy Cooking!